New Year, Social Media Makeover

It seems like everyone is talking about resolutions right now. There are many articles out there on how to better yourself for the New Year, but instead of focusing on personal resolutions, we want to help you set resolutions that will help your business achieve social media success in 2017. Here are 5 social media […]


Facebook Business Pages Update

As you logged into Facebook this morning, you may not have noticed anything new in your news feed. A friend is celebrating a birthday, someone announced a new job they were offered, and the local news just shared their weather report. But for business pages, a new change in the social network’s algorithm could mean […]


Operation LinkedIn: Improving Your Follower Base

Welcome back and happy Friday! Today we are ending our LinkedIn series with tips and tricks for increasing your follower base. Thanks for sticking around, let’s get started! Promote your page outside the company Promoting within LinkedIn is great, but don’t forget you can promote through other means as well. Try adding a follow bottom […]


Operation LinkedIn: The Dont's and Dont's

Welcome back to Operation LinkedIn! Today we will be talking about the don’ts and don’ts of LinkedIn, or in other words, the things you should never do. Don’t allow your page to have typos. This may seem pretty obvious, however it is very important to mention. Every typo you have discredits your business.  You might […]


Operation LinkedIn: Improving Your Summary

Welcome back to Operation LinkedIn! Glad to have you back. Next up we will be talking about  your LinkedIn summary. Think of your summary as a snapshot of your entire business, or rather, what  you want your customers to know about you in 30 seconds or less. It is your chance to create that perfect […]


Operation LinkedIn: When Should I Post?

Believe it or not, there is a window for when it is best to make a post on LinkedIn. Between 11:00am and 3:00pm is your golden gate of opportunity, and it’s best that you not miss it! Traffic on the internet is at it’s highest between these times, so take advantage of this by trying […]


Operation LinkedIn

Are you confused on how to increase your follower base on LinkedIn? Do you feel anxious about when to post on LinkedIn? Do you ever wonder what you’re doing wrong?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be suffering from a condition called “LinkedIn Blues”. Don’t worry! It’s perfectly […]