Resolve to Actually Plan Your SEO Strategy This Year!

Here you are again – in a new year, setting new goals, and making new resolutions! While you’re at it, why not resolve to help your dealership’s website benefit more from search engine optimization (SEO) by actually planning and implementing a holistic strategy? Use these tips to get started.New Year SEO Plan & Strategy Tips

  • Start planning now! It’s the beginning of the year and the best time to coordinate a 12-month SEO plan!
  • Identify quarterly SEO goals, seasonal focuses, and campaign review dates.
  • Mark your calendar in advance for days each week that you will commit to keeping your website updated with fresh, original, and enticing content.
  • Begin mapping out a backlink strategy and stay on the scout for reputable, industry-related, and authoritative websites to request links from. Increasing your blogging efforts also creates additional inbound linking opportunities, and improving your website’s content can even increase the likelihood that visitors will post and link back to it.
  • Prepare buzzworthy content ahead of time and be ready to distribute press releases online. Don’t just wait for news to happen when you can create news simply by brainstorming all of the exciting and unique qualities that your business delivers to consumers! Put on your PR hat, write about it, send it out, and link back to your website.
  • If your website is missing valuable information that you’ve been meaning to add, but just never had the chance to, then now is the time! Brainstorm all of the new pages that you will add to the website this year and how they will add value to your SEO efforts!
  • Determine how much of your marketing budget can be allocated to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising over the span of the year. Think about monthly promotions that could really use the online push and identify off-peak seasons that could be used as opportunities to push specials for inventory that consumers normally wouldn’t buy during that time.

Composing a comprehensive SEO plan and implementing an annual strategy results in a more targeted search marketing campaign and can bring to light the tangible benefits of the optimization that you do yourself or the service that you pay for. Look forward to seeing measurable year-over-year results (compared to when you didn’t have a structured plan) and you’ll even walk away with some pointers for what worked, what failed, and what to do to improve next time!

Like any marketing goal, search engine optimization requires planning and in order to bring a plan to life, you need a solid strategy. Good luck this year!

To ask about additional elements of a complete and successful search marketing campaign or to give feedback, feel free to comment below!


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Piracetam / January 11, 2013

Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is textual composition for web page marketing that emphasizes skillful manipulation of the page’s wording to place it among the first results of a user ‘s search list, while still producing readable and persuasive content.

Cherrell Paige / January 11, 2013

Hi, Piracetam! Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, writing copy that is optimized for specific audiences is a very good way to help search engines understand that a page is relevant to the search queries of users who are searching for that particular content. One important thing to remember is to never write copy for the sole purpose of “manipulating” rankings, but for the purpose of delivering content that creates a quality user experience and helps the search engines understand the purpose that each of your web pages serves. Have a terrific year!

Anonymous / January 12, 2013

Extremely helpful, thank you so much

Cherrell Paige / January 15, 2013

Hello, Everyone! Thanks for reading! I’m glad that you found the information helpful.

booking / January 13, 2013

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Royal / January 14, 2013

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ndemi / December 4, 2017

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