Choosing Effective PPC Landing Pages & Avoiding the Home Page

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make while implementing your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign is sending traffic to a home page! While you’re fulfilling one goal – getting traffic to your website – you’re hindering the fulfillment of another – getting conversions. Effective PPC Landing Pages - Cherrell Paige

The objective here is to create a conversion experience that is both seamless and effortless by driving potential buyers to pages that are reflective of what your ads promise. If a prospective buyer clicks on an ad for “deals on new commercial trucks” and they are taken to a home page, you’ve essentially kicked them off the path of conversion and forced them to do extra work in order to find what they need. As you might imagine, that can be confusing and frustrating. Not to mention, home pages are generally very busy-looking and that dilutes the potency of any calls-to-action that you might have in place and causes the visitor to leave your website (or bounce) to seek out the next alternative. Ultimately, you’ve given the user a poor experience and wasted your advertising dollars.

In order to achieve more conversions and greater return on investment (ROI) from your PPC campaign, it’s important to form synchronized relationships between the ads you create and the landing pages you choose. First and foremost, you need to identify your goals and anticipate what the visitor’s goal will be upon clicking on each of your ads. Incorporate those criteria into your landing pages. Keep in mind that great landing pages look nothing like a website’s home page – instead, they are narrowed down to cater specifically to the buyer’s needs and offer solutions up front. Effective landing pages also include concise calls-to-action, are easy to read and use, are product- or promotion-specific, may display a buyer’s testimonial, and provide clear guidance on how the buyer can take the next desired steps to converting.

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