Ways to Update Your Website for the Holidays

Ways to Update Your Website for the Holidays

This time of year is all about that holiday cheer! While it can sometimes come with the stress of gift shopping or attending all those family and friend holiday events, that excited atmosphere is what everyone looks forward to no matter what holiday you celebrate! So why not bring a little bit of that feeling to your customers while they interact with your dealership this winter?

Your website is designed to make the user experience a seamless and efficient one, so add a little bit more of that joy into the process and you’ll stand out amongst your competitors. Here are three easy ways you can add a bit of that magical ambiance to your customer’s initial interaction with you.

Homepage Greeting Card

One of the easier changes you can make to the homepage of your website, that also has an immediate impact on the visitor’s experience, is your header imagery. Consider gathering your dealership team for a quick group photo. This photo can even be taken with an iPhone, which now allows everyone to have a high quality camera in their hands.

Additionally, with all the fun filters available nowadays it’s easy to throw a wintery scene filter, or a border with some snowflakes on it for example, on the image. Then all you have to do is upload it as your website’s new header image and with just a few clicks you’ve set the tone and atmosphere for your customer’s shopping experience.

Holiday Content

Do you have a blog section of your dealership website? If so, consider thinking of ways you can integrate holiday themes into your content. Some examples of topics you could cover in your dealership blog could include:

  • The Gift That Keeps Giving: Great Customer Service
  • Best Ways to Prep Your Equipment for the Snowy Season
  • Ways the Equipment Industry is Bringing Holiday Cheer

It’s a new way to bring in fresh content to your blog page and catch the reader’s attention since his/her mind will likely already be thinking of related festivities.

Exit Popups

If you don’t already know, there is the ability to create a pop-up box when a customer moves his/her mouse to the exit button. Setting up this feature could be a last attempt to catch your visitor’s attention and urge the individual to take some kind of action instead of leaving your website without, for example, reaching out to the dealership.

You can easily make this creatively holiday-themed. For example, the popup box could be something like the below:

“Are you sure you don’t want to put your name on the ‘Nice List?’ Enter your email below to have one of our team members reach out to learn more about what you’re looking for.”

Updating your website to reflect the holiday season is a great way to bring another level of personality to your dealership and reach the customer in a way that your competitors might not be. It also indicates that you’re frequently updating and refreshing your website, which we talked about how important that is here.

There are so many ways to keep your website fresh and relevant for customers. What are examples of how your dealership has done so? Leave them in the comments below!


Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services where she monitors the latest marketing advancements to better educate dealers on marketing trends that can further their business goals.

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