Ways to Woo Your Customer

Ways to Woo Your Customer

Before you read another word, we need to remind those of you in relationships that today is Valentine’s Day!! Okay, now for everyone who is not sprinting to the store to buy last-minute flowers and chocolates, let’s talk about a different kind of courtship: wooing your customer!

Just like in romance, a customer’s first impression of a dealership is hugely important because it can set the tone for all future interactions in the relationship. Those first impressions used to be formed with a firm handshake and a face-to-face interaction in the physical dealership. However, in today’s world, perceptions can be shaped through many different outlets. In the same way that some people now use the Internet to find a date, customers increasingly find dealers, research products, and make purchases online!

If you want to woo online customers by making a great first impression, you’ll need to look at where you show up on Google Search, the design of your dealership website, and your ability to stand out on social media. That’s a lot, so here’s a quick break down of factors to consider:

  • Google Search: You don’t need a digital marketing professional to tell you that almost no one looks past the first couple pages of results when searching on Google. In fact, most people don’t bother to look past the first three links. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) spends resources to increase website traffic immediately, while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase organic traffic over time. Learning how to use SEO and SEM together can set you apart from competitors, and ensure that you show up higher on Google than they do!
  • Website Design: The very best websites — the ones that capture attention, extend length-of-stay, and retain customers for return visits — are those that are both visually appealing and easy to use. Meeting those goals requires simplicity, clarity, navigational guidance, and responsiveness (which guarantees your site can easily display on any device). You’ll also want your website to be updated with accurate content and to conform to modern design expectations. These strategies will help keep today’s notoriously low-attention-span users engaged and likely to buy!
  • Social Media: According to research by Randall Reilly, 94.2% of contractors who use social media are on Facebook, making it contractors’ most popular social media site (at 64%, YouTube is in 2nd place). With such high numbers, your dealership needs to have a social media presence where you can showcase inventory, run ads for the dealership, and build a personal relationship with consumers. By showing a fun side, while also regularly providing insightful content, you can quickly become a name customers know and trust.

We’re not saying you should change your name to Romeo, but by using the above strategies for making great online impressions, you are sure to woo many more customers! Do you have more ideas for courting online customers? Let us know in the comments below!


Ethan Smith
Ethan is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, serving the commercial brands Commercial Truck Trader, Commercial Web Services, and Equipment Trader. Ethan believes in using accessible language to elevate conversations about industry topics relevant to commercial dealers and their buyers.

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